Alan Zeng to be the agent manager for all CVP Systems, LLC. international machine inquiries.

I am pleased to announce that Alan Zeng the international sales manager with Drake Loaders, a Middleby division, has agreed to be the agent manager for all international machine inquiries for CVP Systems, LLC. Alan lives and works out of his home office in the Tampa Florida area.  

Alan will be replacing Brenden Corr who retired June 30th as CVP’s agent manager in Europe and will  also have the responsibility to manage CVP’s agents and all the Middleby Worldwide (MWW) sales offices around the world for CVP. 

Mr. Zeng will be your main point of contact for all CVP machine inquiries and any related questions for service and spare parts purchases. 

Alan’s email address is . His office phone number is 540-569-4368 and his cell number is 540-490-0860. 

Alan will be getting in contact with each of you to introduce himself over the next few weeks.

 Please help me welcome Alan to the CVP team.

Bill Roskoskey

VP of Sales – Drake, CVP Systems, RapidPak


Alan Zeng

Alan Zeng