Advanced bulk poultry packaging technology with high throughput!

CVP Systems, Inc. introduces the next generation of it’s successful bulk poultry packaging machine, the A-200 Multiline® FreshVac®.  This “Next Generation” system was specifically developed in partnership with and in support of the industry’s efforts to achieve superior performance in production capacity as well as ease of maintenance and sanitation.  Excellent efficiencies and operational scalability are achieved with the availability of 3, 4 and 5 station systems.  The production flexibility designed into the system allows for production of bulk chicken, ranging from 10 to 70 pounds and the ability to run boxes or totes up to 20 inches wide and 13 inches high.


The new sanitary, modular open frame design includes an all angle-iron frame design as well as sloped surfaces for proper water run-off.  It also can be used in a bypass mode for non-sealed boxes as needed.  In addition, now all PLC controls are “state of the art” Allen Bradley across the entire CVP product line.