ECO Friendly and Carbon Footprint reducing packaging technology for case ready mother bag applications

CVP Systems, Inc. announces the introduction of the next generation MasterPACKer®. 

August, 2015, Downers Grove, IL

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CVP Systems, Inc. introduces the next generation of the successful MasterPACKer® automated packaging machine, theMasterPACKer® ECO+CX. This machine was specifically designed in partnership with and in support of the industry’s efforts to create a “Center Seal” application to accommodate fewer trays in a sleeve like mother bag for case ready meat. The Center Seal film management system enables the ECO+CX to run the latest development in strong but thin C-fold film structures, offering seal only, perf only or full cut mother bags. Significant cost savings can be achieved resulting from using a 2 mil c-fold film on the MasterPACKer® vs a typical flow wrapper. In addition, the labor saving features of the MasterPACKer® ECO+CX provide for ROI’s of less than one year for most operations. For ease of operation, robotics are a natural extension of the MasterPACKer®’s functionality.