CVP Systems exhibited for its 33d year at the 2014 IPPE in Atlanta

CVP® featured the new member of the MasterPACKer® Eco Plus family, the MasterPACKer® Eco Plus BX.  This CVP® machine is suited for a wide range of applications, including Case Ready Meat, Fresh Sausage and Laid Out Bacon.  Significant operational savings can be achieved resulting from labor reduction, increased throughput and material savings.  The BX is all stainless steel, wash-down and is fully servo driven for optimal control of the entire packaging process.  Bags are made in line out of 2 mil 22 inch C-fold film.  Strong seals are achieved as a result of a heavy duty impulse band seal system.  In addition to the MasterPACKer®, CVP® exhibited the poultry industry’s favorite solutions for bulk chicken packaging, the A-200C and the A-200PLC.