MasterPACKer Eco from CVP
MasterPacker Eco +

The MasterPACKer® is the answer in automating case ready mother bag production. This compact machine automatically inserts pre-wrapped trays into mother bags at speed up to 12 bags per minute.
PLC controls insure consistent vacuum and gas levels while providing maximum flexibility. The ability to change to double and triple layers is automatic with the touch- screen control panel.
This CVP® machine is patented by CVP® under US Patent no. 8,689,529.

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Food Packaging Machines MAP

• Shelf life extension
• Hygiene improvement
• Tamper evident Packaging
• Color preservation

•  Antioxidation protection
• Moisture protection
• Package size reduction

MAP Machines

• Food - Case ready mother bags, presliced institutional bacon

• Oxygen sensitive chemicals and metal parts in barrels or boxes
• Textile compression for cube reduction
• Moisture sensitive components and parts

Design Features for MasterPacker Eco

•  Hygienic Design - Clean-in-place system for internal cleaning. External washdown capability. Stainless steel snorkels.

• Reproducible Results - Internal accumulator tank for precise gas mixing and accelerated speeds of operation. Chisel   Point seal bar profile improves seal quality. Digital vacuum and gas flush controls with low gas alarm. Self contained vacuum pumps.

• Flexibility - Flex-fill design efficiently handles bags from 10" (250mm) wide to 24" (610mm) wide with bag lengths up to 36" (914mm). Bag length can be changed over in minutes. Easy to use touch screen allows quick and easy access to machine functions. Reduces labor cost with only one operator needed. Singles, doubles and triple layer capability.

• Package Configurations - Loads up to 12 bags per minute. PLC controller interfaces with most automated collation systems. Self contained vacuum pump will minimize evacuation time.

• Options - High and low oxygen systems available.

Specs for MasterPacker Eco

• Stainless Steel/Hard Anodized Aluminum

• 120" (3050mm) x 60" (1525mm) x 60" (1525mm)

Power requirements
• 220/440 VAC 3 Ø; 25/15 Amp. Others available upon request

Air consumption
• Electric pump - 1 CFM @ 80 psi/cycle (28 liters/min @ 5.5 bar)

Seal bar length
• Effective seal length up to 24" (609 mm)
• CE compliant