Food Packaging MAP

CVP® Systems, Inc offers a wide variety of bags and films. Our product range covers highly permeable films for produce to very high barrier bags for long holding of meats, nuts and cheese. Special films are available where high puncture resistance is needed.

Produce packaging films and bags require controlled transmission rates to allow the produce to respire while maintaining the internal atmosphere. A transmission rate that is too high results in spoilage due to bacteria growth. Too low of a transmission rate results in anaerobic breakdown.

CVP® T-grade series of produce films offer superior transmission for use where maximum shelf life is required. Our CVP® W-grade series offers greater economy. It is a good choice when maximum shelf life is not required.

Medium barrier CVP® films for poultry and meats are available with either High Density Polyethylene or Nylon (Polyamide) as the barrier material. A wide range of structures allows targeting specific product needs. For extremely low oxygen requirements, films with EVOH or metalized coating are available.

Types of products packed in CVP® Films and Bags: 
Produce - Chopped and shredded lettuce, mixed salads, cut fruit, blanched potatoes, clean and cored head lettuce.

  • Cheese Packaging
    Cheddar and Swiss blocks and wheels, Mozzarella barrels and 640's.
  • Meat Packaging
    Bulk, sub-primal, and case ready beef, pork, lamb, veal and game meats.
  • Poultry Packaging
    Chicken, turkey, duck and game birds.
  • Nuts Packaging
    Peanuts, cashews, Brazil nuts and pistachios.
  • Other Food Packaging
    Cooked pasta, salad dressings and snack foods.
  • Industrial Goods Packaging
    Fiber glass, textiles, chemicals, metal parts, electronics and bottle preforms.

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?


Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP is one of todays most significant technologies for extending shelf-life for a wide range of food products. MAP is based on alteration of the gaseous environment surrounding the product to compensate for the natural respiration of the product itself, resident micro organisms, as well as the packaging material.