What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a technology where the air in a package is removed and a new more beneficial atmosphere is introduced. Air is composed of 78% Nitrogen (N²) 21% Oxygen (O²) and .3% Carbon Dioxide (CO²).

What model is correct for my application?

CVP® offers a complete range of single, multiple and continuous operating models. These models vary by the size of bag they can process, the number of units per minute they produce and floor space needed.

Your CVP® representative can quickly recommend a specific model based upon your requirements.

Are explosion proof or clean room models available?

Yes, CVP® can produce Class 1, Class 2, and Clean Room models. Please contact us with the specific standard you require and we will respond in detail.

Where is my serial number and model number?

Begin by facing your CVP® machine. The serial number is either on the back panel or on the side.
> Click here to see where serial numbers are located.

Does CVP Systems hold patents on it's technology?

Yes, and you can discover more by clicking here.