CVP® A-200 Multiline®
A-200 Multiline®

A-200 Multiline®

In response to the need for improved efficiency, CVP® has developed theCVP® A-200 Multiline®. The Multiline® allows one operator to run three individual heads that process up to twelve packages a minute.

The A-200 Multiline® heads are based upon our standard A-200 PLC model incorporating all of the design features that made it the most popular modified atmosphere packaging machine in the world. 

Flexible, modular design allows customized production flow with individual heads added as needed. Optional auto adjust head height and bag stretchers process different pack configurations on the same production line efficiently.

CVP® A-200 Multiline®
CVP® A-200 Multiline®


  • Shelf life extension
  • Hygieneimprovement
  • Tamper evident Packaging
  • Color preservation


  • Antioxidation protection
  • Moisture protection
  • Package size reduction
CVP® A-200 Multiline®


  • Redmeat - Subprimal bulk boxes.
  • Poultry: Dry pack bulk or tray wrapped boxes.
  • Nuts and snack foods: Bag in box and can replacement
  • Fish: Bulk whole and gutted fish
CVP Systems
  • Hygienic Design - Clean-in-place system for internal cleaning. External washdown capability. Stainless steel snorkels.
  • Reproducible Results - Manifold with positive vacuum gas seal design. Digital vacuum and gas flush controls with low level gas alarm and vacuum fault. Individual accumulator tank for precise gas mixing and accelerated speed of operation on each head.
  • Operator Safety - Dual electric finger touch ergonomic start switches with anti tie-down circuitry.
  • Seal Integrity - Digital temperature controls with hot bar or impulse wire system. Chisel point seal bar profile minimize leakers. Optional bag stretchers eliminate wrinkles ensuring consistent seals.
  • Flexibility - Modular design allows for expansion as needed. Auto infeed and discharge conveyor system. Multiple conveyor orientations for infeed and discharge flow.
  • Custom options - High and low oxygen vacuum gas systems available. Multiple level heads. Auto box height adjustment. Auto adjust bag stretchers. Embossing date coders.


  • Stainless Steel/Hard Anodized Aluminum


  • 209" x 72"x 84" (5296 mm x 1829 mm x 2133 mm)

Power requirements

  • A-200 head - 120/220 VAC 1 Ø; 20/10 Amp
  • Conveyor system - 208/240/480 VAC 3 Ø; 20/20/15 Amp
    Others on request

Air consumption

  • A200 - 1CFM @ 80 psi/cycle (28 liters/min @ 5.5 bar)
  • Conveyor - 3CFM @ 80 psi/cycle (84 liters/min @ 5.5 bar)

Manifold Size

  • 48" (1219mm) - Effective seal length 45" (1143 mm) 

USDA, FDA, Agriculture Canada approved; CE compliant